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Hitozuma, Mitsu to Niku Episode 4


hitozuma mitsu to niku 4


Queen Bee

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Release Date

May 28, 2020

Upload Date

June 02, 2020

Alternate Titles

Another man`s wife Honey & Meat Hitozuma Mitsu to Niku 人妻 蜜と肉 유부녀 꿀과 고기

Stuffed in a Kimono that is uncomfortable and rigid, she can't wait to get back inside and get back into normal clothing once her husband has departed. She has plans for their servant boy who can help her with what her husband is neglecting...
The boyfriend of her daughter has come to her with a quite troublesome problem... he just can't manage to fit inside of her daughter. What better way than to show him how it's done?