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Inyouchuu Shoku Bonus


inyouchuu shoku bonus


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Release Date

June 18, 2010

Upload Date

October 10, 2015

Alternate Titles

In`youchuu Shoku: Ryoushokujima Taimaroku In`youchuu Shoku: Ryoushokutou Taimaroku Inyochu Inyouchuu Shoku 음요충 식 ~능욕촉수섬 퇴마록~ 淫妖蟲・蝕 ~凌触島退魔録~

Based on the game by Tinker Bell.

The demon hunters are back! Mikoto, Sui, and Takeru are sent to investigate a mysterious island where people have been disappearing repeatedly and dark yoma are rumored to be the cause. When the team first arrives it almost feels like a vacation to them, but it doesn't take them long to the feel the presence of something dark and evil ...