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Izumo Episode 3


izumo 3


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Release Date

August 24, 2003

Upload Date

July 12, 2019

Alternate Titles

IZUMO (2003) Izumo (2003) 이즈모 (2003)

My name is Touma Hikaru. I'm going to Izumo Gakuen High School with Miyuki who is my little sister-in-law, Nanami-chan who was my childhood friend, and Nagisa who thinks of me as a rival. I began to have a strange dream of a beautiful shrine maiden, who is praying to something naked in a lake. I wonder who she is; I think I know her... I also see a strange room of Izumo Gakuen in my dream. Feeling uneasy, I decide to sneak into the room, not knowing it is the beginning of a long journey.