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Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake Episode 1


kanojo ga mimai ni konai wake 1



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Release Date

November 19, 2010

Upload Date

September 21, 2015

Alternate Titles

Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake Why My Girlfriend Visits 그녀가 문병을 오지 않는 이유 彼女が見舞いに来ない理由

Based on the game by Lune TeamBitters.

Seiji is a permanent part-timer. He has been dating a girl, Ai, for two years and he is now thinking about marrying her. But one day, he has a traffic accident and breaks his leg. Like this, he is hospitalized... "I'll visit you every day," Ai says it with a smile. But their relationship gradually changes after his hospitalization... A real estate broker who hit Seiji. A guy at the same hospital room. A handsome doctor in charge of him. A co-worker at his shop. A nurse who is his ex-girlfriend. Various people cut in on Seiji and Ai's relationship... Will they be able to overcome it and keep their relationship...?