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Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias Episode 3


ochi mono rpg seikishi luvilias 3


Majin Petit

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Release Date

October 24, 2019

Upload Date

October 28, 2019

Alternate Titles

Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias 堕ちモノRPG 聖騎士ルヴィリアス 성기사 루이비아스 저속해지는 RPG - 성기사 루비리아스

Ilis and Lifria are bathing in a river when demons attack them. Lifria is raped by orcs, while Ilis is violated by tentacles. Meanwhile, Tia and Luvilias face off again. Luvilias loses and Tia takes her down the lesbian road.