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Sailor Senshi Venus Five Episode 2


sailor senshi venus five 2



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Release Date

December 08, 1994

Upload Date

July 29, 2020

Alternate Titles

Sailor guerrières Sailor Senshi Venus Five Venus 5 Венус 5 Пятёрка Венеры セーラー戦士 ヴィーナス♥ファイブ 세일러 전사 비너스 파이브

Hikari is an ordinary school student. One day she meets Buccha the talking cat, who says that she’s Venus Pink, warrior of the goddess Aphrodite. Along with four other girls she has to fight with perverted Necros and four lords of Inma Empire, who want to revive the god of lust, Apollo, and turn the world into a sex pit.