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Satsuki Unclean Girlfriend and Bizarre Forced Pregnancy


Satsuki Unclean Girlfriend and Bizarre Forced Pregnancy



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Release Date

November 01, 2023

Upload Date

November 01, 2023

Alternate Titles

夜、 プールサイドで強制セックス

Once, a man laid his eyes on the innocent-looking JK “Satsuki” and was smitten by her. Despite her seeming lack of interest, he persisted in his advances and eventually won her heart, becoming her first lover. For a time, the two of them were lost in passion, but as the weeks turned to months, the man grew bored and their sex life became routine. They stopped using protection, and one day, while lying in bed after sex, “Satsuki” dropped a bombshell confession: She had been letting him cum inside her with the assumption that she was already pregnant and married.

The man felt disgusted and betrayed, having had no idea that she had such ulterior motives. He distanced himself from her, agreeing to meet only on weekends, but even that too came to an end. Until one night, when Satsuki appeared out of nowhere as the man was making his way home. After a heated argument, she knocked him out and tied him up. He begged for forgiveness and a chance to start over, but “Satsuki” was driven by a singular goal: to get pregnant by any means necessary, even if it meant exploiting the man’s sperm.

Alternative: RJ407335