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Stretta The Animation Episode 2


stretta the animation 2

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Release Date

July 31, 2009

Upload Date

July 14, 2015

Alternate Titles

Stratta: The Animation Stretta: The Animation 스트레타 ストレッタ~THE ANIMATION~

Based on the manga by Seto Yuuki.

Ruma is the most beautiful and popular girl on school, she acts nice and polite with her classmates and friends, but she has a side that almost every male student knows and that is that she has the perfect sex body and she likes to have sex with any student she wants, where she wants and when she wants. Actually she only feeds with the sperm of her sexual encounters. The couples from Stringendo & Accelerando also appear in this OVAs and are Stretta's photo-targets so she can masturbate later with their sexual encounters.